Client: Rappi
Client: Pepsi
Client: Maggi
Client: Maggi
Client: Pepsi
Client: Parque Arauco
Client: Pepsi
Client: Seguros Falabella
Client: Cristal
Client: Cristal
Client: McDonald´s
Client: Dislicores
UNEXPECTED REALITY In Guatemala City alone there are 15,000 children and adolescents who are sexually exploited, not counting the cases that occur in indigenous villages. For children and adolescents who are forced or seek to leave the country in search of new opportunities, the situation worsens. Every year thousands of immigrant minors are victims of aggression, sexual abuse and even recording pornographic videos, and these are only the cases that are denounced, since thousands more go unpunished and forgotten because they are not denounced. In their passage through Mexico at the hands of coyotes, until their arrival at the border they are abused, trafficked and exploited. To show this reality, we decided to communicate it from the adolescents' natural habitat: Their rooms. Showing that from there their reality is truncated and they obtain something different from what they dream of.
Client: PAX
Client: Fundación Internacional Esperanza
Client: Nacional de Chocolates
Commissioned work for DRAFTLINE - ABInBev - Club Colombia Doble Malta
Commissioned work for VMLY&R & SUZUKI. Suzuki Driving fatigue campaign. Suzuki te invita a volver con cuidado a las carreteras del país. Tenemos una gran responsabilidad para volver más seguros y reunirnos con nuestras familias. Recuerda tomar pausas de…
Client: Scuba Dogs Society
Photo campaign for Banco Industrial. Real State, vehicle and investment loans on the Guatemala’s Independence Day.
Cliente: Claro
Client: McDonald´s
Commissioned work for Cerveza Modelo
Client: Spring
Client: Bogotá beer Company
Client: Fundación Ramiro Castillo Love
Client: Applebee´s
Client: Cola&Pola
Cliente: Renault
Client: Play-Doh
Client: Glad
LAN Airlines
Client: Bayer Aleve
Ding Dong Oreo. Without a doubt, this year's Halloween will be the strangest of all; superheroes, princesses and monsters won't be out in the streets trick-or-treating. That's why Oreo, has created Ding Dong Oreo, a stunt that aims to connect families as they stay playful, because if this year we can't hit the streets seeking for fun, fun will come find us. On the night of October 31, Oreo riders turned into witches, mummies, and even Frankenstein, delivering hundreds of cookies and fun all over town. This way, all those families who celebrated Halloween Eve at home with Oreo, once again enjoyed one of the most terrifying and awaited nights of the year at home. Bestadsontv.
Client: Polet
Client: Banco Popular
Client: Colsubsidio
Client: fanalca Honda
Client: Sika
CCO: Leo Macías General Creative Director: Juan Espita Creative Director: Mario León Bonilla Art directors: Juan Espitia, Mario León Production: Dario Lozano 3D Modelling: Salvación Studio, Henry Hernandez
CGI and postproduction for Bimbo´s Marinela Campaign
Isabel Henao Campaign. Photographer: Dada Studio.
CGI for Glad´s Food Storage Bags Ad.
CGI/retouching for Tums Antacid Chewable Tablets campaign. Agency: Rep/Grey Colombia.
CGI and Post for Fiat
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