In Guatemala City alone there are 15,000 children and adolescents who are sexually exploited, not counting the cases that occur in indigenous villages. For children and adolescents who are forced or seek to leave the country in search of new opportunities, the situation worsens.
Every year thousands of immigrant minors are victims of aggression, sexual abuse and even recording pornographic videos, and these are only the cases that are denounced, since thousands more go unpunished and forgotten because they are not denounced. In their passage through Mexico at the hands of coyotes, until their arrival at the border they are abused, trafficked and exploited.
To show this reality, we decided to communicate it from the adolescents' natural habitat: Their rooms. Showing that from there their reality is truncated and they obtain something different from what they dream of. 

D   E   T   A   I   L   S 
D   E   T   A   I   L   S 

B  A  C  K  S  T  A  G  E 
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